Can You Eat Methamphetamine

Chronic meth users often have scratches on their skin because it has become one of their obsessions. In particular, individuals who eat the drug often suffer a fast degeneration of their teeth, which is called the “meth mouth.” Such condition is believed to be a result of combining “dry mouth,” grinding of the teeth, and poor oral hygiene. Meth users also suffer from a decrease in appetite and sleep resulting to a subsequent weight loss with a quick deterioration of their physical appearance.

  • Chronic use of meth is known to result in paranoia, delusions, repetitive behavior, and hallucinations as if parasites or crawling insects are underneath the skin.
  • Dopamine is linked to the brain’s reward centers, which explains why the use of meth can cause drug dependence and addiction.
  • Methamphetamine has been proven to come with a neurotoxic effect on the dopamine neurons, which induces symptoms just like Parkinson’s disease especially in long-time methamphetamine users.
  • Meth may cause dangerous health problems over time, which can be extremely similar across the board whether you eat meth or make use of other ways of taking the drug.

If you are thinking about trying out meth in any way possible like snorting, smoking or injecting, you should know in as early as now that meth has a negative impact on your brain’s dopamine receptors. Meth can stimulate each receptor with an overwhelming rush of the brain chemical that stimulates the brain cells. In turn, you will experience an increase in energy levels and mood boost.

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Methamphetamine hydrochloride is the main ingredient that is used in manufacturing methamphetamine.

It is a chemical with a white or yellow crystalline powder that is sometimes presented as a large, clear crystal. Those in very high purity, it is also often referred to as “ice.”  The free base methamphetamine comes in a liquid form and is the initial product of the drug. It is usually sold at room temperature. The hydrochloride salt comes from a free base form often by bubbling the hydrogen chloride in the gas state through it.

Additionally, methamphetamine contains an optically active carbon atom. There are 2 isomeric forms of the drug known as the l-methamphetamine and the d-methamphetamine. The l-isomer is less potent than the d-isomer and the latter is the most produced by many illicit labs. D-methamphetamine in the U.S. is a controlled substance made available only by obtaining a prescription for legal medical purposes often to treat ADHD as well as short term obesity.

Methamphetamine is usually absorbed through your GI tract in approximately 4 to 6 hours.

The duration of its effects can last for 6-12 hours or up to one day if taken in larger doses. The peak plasma levels of the drug, on the other hand, can be obtained in 1-3 hours depending on the physical activities you do and the food you eat. The peak blood concentrations of meth can happen shortly after injecting, several minutes after smoking, and about 3 hours after dosing orally. The peak concentrations of meth following oral administration is around 2.6 to 3.6 hours. Therefore, the mean elimination half-life of the drug is around 10.1 hours if you follow the 6.4 to 15 hours range. The mean elimination half-life of meth following intravenous injection, meanwhile, may be a little longer at 12.2 hours.

The effects of methamphetamine use on humans can be profound.

As a stimulant, the effects of the drug can linger for hours, for instance, the meth user may be able to stay awake for up to several days. Once the high starts to wear off, the user enters a stage known as tweaking and becomes more prone to delusions, paranoia, and violence.

The use of meth can easily lead to addiction as it has a long half-life. It could mean that the effects of the drug linger with its euphoric effect. Those who abuse meth may need to use more of the drug to reach the same effects each time. The psychological need for the drug may also compel you to continually use it especially if you have underlying unresolved psych-emotional issues.

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