The fast growing internet services have been a very important tool for employers to conduct employee background checks. There are various sites on the internet that for over a decade now, have helped companies a lot in decision making while hiring. The internet offers these services free of charge, with free online tools that the employers can use. Employers are able to access records criminal activity reports of employees among others. It however important to check the site you intend to use to make sure it is reliable, since not all of them are best.

Every employer should make it a norm to perform screening of all employees within the organization. The task should not entirely be for the company owner. You may delegate this task to the human resource department or you may reach out to other hiring agencies. There are various types of background checks depending of the job title in question and the employer needs. Employers who prefer quick and easy screening exercise can get this service at the various available websites.

Importance of employee screening

Conducting background checks on employees is the best way to secure your company from people with ill motives.  You will be able to verify the qualifications presented to you by an applicant and also details on previous employment.

Screening also helps in ensuring that there is quality customer relations, low management costs, reduces employee turnover among others. You will also prevent any potential loss of property and above all the working environment will be conducive for all.

Being in control of who you choose to hire is the pathway of a successful company of good integrity.

hiring_employeeThings to note:

Employers however should note that every employee has a right to privacy when it comes to certain areas. You should consider the depth of details you seek to investigate concerning an employee. Employers should be aware of what is allowed and what is not, when digging out employee history.

If need be, you should also take time and explain to your employees, especially the current one, the need for the screening. Their understanding of this will give you an easy time as well as prevent any form of employee resistance.


The need for conducting a background check on all employees cannot be neglected. Companies that have newly adapted to employee screening can testify that, reduced cost as well as decrease in loss of property. If you are a small starting business, make a point of adopting employee screening whenever you want to hire. Such businesses are the target of many offenders, who are always on the wrong side of the law. This becomes a great risk to the safety of the company and its employees.

By employing this screening technique, you will be in control of those working around you. Furthermore, better safe than sorry.

Amber Clarke

Amber Clarke

Avid consumer of chocolate. I also like running, horror movies and my puppy.
Amber Clarke
Amber Clarke

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Avid consumer of chocolate. I also like running, horror movies and my puppy.