In order to have everything running smoothly in your laboratory, maintenance and occasional repairs are unavoidable. Investing in maintenance is always a good decision for it will reduce system failures and extend the life of the units. If the equipment gets quality maintaining service, it runs more efficiently while decreasing utility consumption. Whether in a medical or chemistry lab, devices are used frequently, and therefore must be maintained, in order to ensure high accuracy of numerous test results.

There are many repair services of this kind on the market, but it`s important to make sure you have found the right one. You know that laboratory devices are pretty expensive and must be functional all the time, so you don`t want to give them over for repairing or maintenance to someone unreliable and without experience. That`s why you need to check the members list of National Laboratory Repair Association (NLRA).

What is NLRA?

NLRA is a group of independent laboratory equipment service organizations that share the same desire to offer a quality sustainable service and support programs that will exceed the customer`s expectations. NLRA was founded to serve as a source of information for the customers who search for qualified service centers across the USA. Every member of the organisation is dedicated to providing custom tailor service and immediate response to each service request. Although the association members are specialized in low temperature freezer repairs, they are most certainly trained and experienced for various laboratory repairs that won`t disappoint you.

Do i need to make a maintenance contract with trained service engineers?

This is cost-effective method of ensuring continued oversight of your equipment. The contract will offer scheduled maintenance inspections while decreasing control expenses. Repairing and maintenance of your equipment should be completed by the formally trained and authorized specialists that will hold an EPA certification for the handling of the refrigerants. They are enabled to understand the characteristics of every piece of equipment and how to fix it, the first time.

Here`s a list of equipment for which you can get service:

• Alarm Systems • Autoclaves • Blood Bank Freezers • Blood Bank Plasma Refrigerators

• Centrifuges • Chart Recorders

• Chillers • Circulators

• CO2 Back Up units • CO2 Incubators

• Cryostats • Cycle Chambers

• Environmental Chambers • Freeze Dryers

• Glassware Washers • Growth Chambers

• Humidity Chambers • Ice Flakers

• Ice Machines • Incubators

• Laboratory Freezers • Laboratory Refrigerators

• Liquid Nitrogen Freezers • LN2 Back Up units

• Microtomes • Ovens

• Sensaphone Alarm Systems • Sterilizers

• Stills • Stirrers

• Ultra Low Temperature Freezers • Vacuum Ovens

• Vacuum Pumps • Walk In Refrigerators/Freezers

• Washers • Water Bath

• Water systems

What can I do to prolong my equipment’s life?

• Unit must have good and stable line voltage.

• Gaskets and doors have to be cleared from ice.

• Space around the unit must be be clear to allow air circulation.

• Preventive maintenance inspections are necessary.

• Condensers and filters must be cleaned from dust and debris.

• Don`t expose them to extreme temperatures.

As you can see, we at the NLRA are doing our best to ensure that every customer get`s the best service on the market. Contact us and you wont be disappointed.

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Based in New York. I love golfing, running and rainy days.