Are you and your better half both sportspersons? Would you love to have a sporty wedding? Then be sure to hire Wonder Struck Event Design to finally realize the wedding from your dreams. Your wedding can be injected with a little team spirit and lots of love and elegance. Yes, sport themed wedding can be elegant and chic! You just need a proper wedding planner and lots of creativity. The sport wedding ideas we’ll suggest to you will definitely astonish your guests and give them one of the moments they’ll remember their entire life.


Before the wedding day you mustn’t be very active because you might get hurt and ruin your wedding. However, if you have a game that you mustn’t miss and you have triggered an old sports injury, visit Dr. Daniel Schwartz to fix you. Remember, this (wedding) game will be played only once so everything must be in perfect shape, including you! Be sure to follow our guidelines to create a memorable wedding!


You don’t need a fancy dinner with fancy cocktails and dishes – acquire food from your favorite food trucks like hamburgers and hotdogs. If you arrange the food as we suggest it to you, it won’t look cheap and casual. The thing is, there won’t be any arrangement at all! If you’re brave enough, use the entire food truck as a wedding decoration! With this idea you’ll also solve the problem of preparing and arranging your drinks. Forget about champagne and expensive cocktails and get only your favorite booze. Also get a lot of soda drinks because they go great with hotdogs and your favorite game-time snacks. Everyone loves nachos and salsa right? If you hire the right professional chefs, they can make wonders out of your favorite snacks and fast food. Remember the last season of master chef? Those people really know how to handle the given task.


Program and Design

 Instead of traditional wedding programs, the entire program can be designed to look like a game program. You can promote healthy, sport life on your wedding with supplements from APS Bio Group or you can promote only the healthiest and sportiest nutrition. The colors can support the ones of your favorite team but they shouldn’t go too strong against the white. Completely opposite they should accentuate it as well as your braid must be in the focus of the wedding.


A cake must, of course, be sports-themed. Decorate with your favorite team colors or with themes of your favorite sport. If you or your loved are, for example, a football player, you can transform your cake into a ball, stadium etc. You can make a traditional cake but you can add the figurines of yourself dressed and designed in some specific manner or apparel.



Instead of traditional guestbook, your guest should sign little balls or hockey sticks depending on the sport you love. They can also sign jerseys.


Accessories and Entertainment

There are so many things you can combine to evoke the sports spirit. Your invitations and table numbers could look like tickets. You can design your wedding monogram according to the symbols of your favorite team. You can use your monogram to enhance the lighting, dance floors, walls, menus and even your napkins. A talented graphic designer can easily realize any of your ideas. The one thing you must have is team socks for the guys! As for the bride, you can get delicate garters in the colors or symbols of your favorite team as well.

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Rossie Brooks

Based in New York. I love golfing, running and rainy days.
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Based in New York. I love golfing, running and rainy days.